Screen Printing

With our in-house screen printing facilities we have the ability and experience to make your custom printed ring binders, folders and wallets look truly professional. Printing in any number of spot colours. We can advise you on artwork requirements and design.

For larger quantities runs where 4 colour process is required we can offer a UV litho services.

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Manufacturers of Bespoke Ring Binders, Clipboards, Pockets & Wallets

Examples of screen-printing in spot colours onto PVC vinyl

The Technical Stuf !


If you're a graphics designer, advertising agency or printer you probably won't need any advice from us on artwork requirements. If you're not then don't worry we can help or liaise with your printer or designer if you wish. The file formats we work with are:

• High Resolution pdf

• eps (Encapsulated Post Script)

• ai (Adobe Illustrator)

Please Note:
JPEG files are not suitable for use as artwork as the edges of the images they produce are pixelated and not crisp.

Whatever you want to printed needs to be shown as solid black on a white background and to the size you want to see it printed in. This applies to the artwork for foil blocking and blind embossing to. For more than one colour on silk screen printing the artwork will need to be colour separated.

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